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RALO' Zucchini rolls with pecorino 1,1 kg - EXP 7 months

Product code: 8021705050031
Manufacturer : Castellino
RALO’ Involtini di zucchine al pecorino 1,1 kg – TMC 7 mesiRALO’ Involtini di zucchine al pecorino 1,1 kg – TMC 7 mesi
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1,1 kg
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Ingredients: Grilled Zucchini slices 60%, sunflower seed oil, stuffing 8% [garlic, Pecorino Romano DOP cheese (sheep's MILK, salt, rennet) 3%, potatoes flour, flour, fine bread crumbs (WHEAT flour, salt, yeast)], salt, white wine vinegar, acidity corrector: citric acid, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, preservative: potassium sorbate. May contain TUNA, ALMONDS and CASHEWS.

To make a really tasty appetizer or to end the meal with a special side dish, try Ralò's zucchini rolls with pecorino cheese. Delicious slices of grilled and rolled courgettes are stuffed inside with a delicious vegetable cream and sheep's cheese in oil. Grilling keeps the properties of fresh courgettes intact and, in addition, enhances their flavor. The preciousness of these specialties produced by Ralò lies in their realization by hand: each courgette, in fact, is stuffed and wrapped by hand. The closed package has a shelf life of about 7 months but, once opened, it must be kept in the refrigerator and consumed within 7 days. The rolls are available here in the 1.1 kg format. The product does not contain ingredients deriving from Genetically Modified Organisms, according to current legislation EC Regulation n. 1830/2003 and subsequent amendments. The presence of heavy metal residues complies with EC Regulation no. 1881/2006 and subsequent updates, as well as the presence of pesticide residues complies with EC Regulation no. 396/2005 and subsequent updates.


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