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Parmigiano Reggiano PDO Vacche Rosse (razza Reggiana)

Manufacturer : Consorzio Vacche Rosse
Parmigiano Reggiano DOP Vacche Rosse (razza Reggiana)  Parmigiano Reggiano DOP Vacche Rosse (razza Reggiana)
Emilia Romagna
Ageing in months
Fat in dry matter
32 %
Cheese dough
Packaging method

In ancient Vacche Rosse, the origin of Parmigiano Reggiano. Luciano Catellani, a president fond of Red Cows. “… My Grandfather Domenico (please write grandfather down with the capital letter), has often told me about his Red Cows, generous animals with an impressive strength. Here the cows and everything else have their proper names. True things and you can immediately recognize the true things. Who tastes “my” Parmigiano Reggiano Vacche Rosse gets into an amazing story, made of images, flavours and well-done work. The Parmigiano Reggiano came into being with the milk of the Red Cows centuries ago. The Red Cows breed is very old and this is the only place where you can find them. In fact they have been part of this land since centuries and they represent the secret of this fantastic cheese. I have a real passion for these Red Cows, but I am not as old as they are, please write down this too …”


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