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LA DARIA Smoked Burrata 125g - cow's milk - EXP 25 days

Product code: 8021705081028
Manufacturer : La Daria
LA DARIA Burrata affumicata 125g - latte vaccino - TMC 25 giorniLA DARIA Burrata affumicata 125g - latte vaccino - TMC 25 giorni
If you order 1 you get:
125 g
Shelf life in days
Pieces per carton
Cow milk
Cheese dough
Packaging method
Plastic cup
Milk processing
Pasteurized milk
Mozzarella and Burrata

Ingredients: Try the smoked Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP made by the “Ponte Reale” dairy, here in the 125 g format.

The smoked Burrata produced by “La Daria” is an exquisite soft cheese made with pasteurized cow's milk from Puglia. It is a dairy preparation that looks like a bag of soft fresh stretched curd, which contains a creamy filling of fresh smoked stretched curd cheese and cream. The surface is smooth, uniform, shiny, snow-white in color. The consistency is soft and slightly elastic, while the flavor is sweet and the taste is smoky. Burrata is mainly used as a table product. It can be served plain or inserted in the most disparate recipes. One idea is to lay the cheese on a slice of toast and accompany it with aromatic cherry tomatoes. It can also be used as a sauce for pasta or added to salads. For a fresh and summery dish, instead, try the Caprese: just replace the classic mozzarella with smoked burrata. The shelf life of the product, if kept in its unopened package, is 25 days. Order 125 grams smoked Burrata "La Daria" now: NATURALEITALIANO undertakes to deliver the product within 48 hours to all over the world.


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