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ROCCA TOSCANA - Pecorino Toscano PDO - sheep’s milk - 52% FDM - 1/1 whole form 2,2 kg - 20 days matured - EXP 120 days 2,2 kg

Product code: 8021706478025
Manufacturer : Rocca toscana formaggi
If you order 1 you get:
2,2 kg
Shelf life in days
Pieces per carton
Humidity percent
Ageing in weeks
Sheep milk
Cheese dough
Fat in dry matter

Ingredients: Pasteurized ship MILK, salt, rennet, autochthonous starter cultures. On surface preservatives E 202 E 235. Not edible rind.

The order is processed within 24 hours. The cold chain is strictly maintained throughout the transport. The delivery of fresh food products takes place across Europe within 48 hours.

The cheese wheels are packed directly in food boxes.

The weight of a wheel is about 2.2 kg

Semi-soft cheese made with sheep's milk from Tuscan pastures.

It does not contain GMOs

A soft cheese with a milky scent, very suitable for a young audience and for those who love delicate flavors. A good table cheese that can be enjoyed as an appetizer accompanied with honey, jams and caramelized fruit or as part of delicious salads.

Rocca Toscana Formaggi is a young company, born in October 2015, but which has the experience of over 60 years in the food sector of the Toscana Canti family. The attention to the production and to the selection of raw materials have ensured that the pecorino cheeses produced are of a very high standard and are increasingly appreciated throughout Italy.


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