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ROCCA TOSCANA Pecorino "Notturno" with blueberries 1,3 kg - sheep's milk - aged for 2 months - EXP 3 months

Product code: 8021705132102
Manufacturer : Rocca toscana formaggi
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1,3 kg
Shelf life in months
Pieces per carton
Humidity percent
Cheese dough
Ageing in months
Sheep milk
Milk processing
Pasteurized milk

Ingredients: Pasteurized sheep MILK, dried blueberries with apple juice (2,4%) (blueberries (2,28%), apple juice concentrate), salt, rennet, starter cultures. On surface preservatives: E202, E235. Not edible rind.

The Pecorino “Notturno” produced by Rocca Toscana is an Italian sheep's milk cheese, aged for 2 months and to be consumed within 3 months. In this product, the traditional flavor of pecorino is enhanced by the woody aroma of the blueberry, a fruit with an unmistakable midnight blue color that allows the cheese to give new sensory experiences. The whole wheel must be stored in a cool and dry place but, once opened, the cheese must be stored at a temperature between 0 and 4 ° C and wrapped in breathable food paper or natural fiber cloth. This product can be consumed by all individuals, except those allergic (or intolerant) to milk and its derivatives. The rind has a deep straw yellow color, while the cheese is pale straw yellow, tending to white. Both on the rind and on the dough there are shades of blue / purple, due precisely to the presence of blueberries. The flavor is lively, aromatic and sweet. This pecorino variant goes perfectly with a good glass of Tuscan red wine and can be served as an appetizer on the cutting board, flanked by cold cuts, toasted bread, honey or jams, but it can also be used as an ingredient for making cakes based on of cheese. Here you can buy cheese in a mold weighing approximately 1.3 kg: NATURALEITALIANO will undertake to deliver the product within 48 hours to any country.


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