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Asiago Pressato PDO 3,4 kg

Product code: 8021706559014
Manufacturer : Brazzale
Product Name Asiago Pressato PDO 3,4 kg
Asiago DOP Pressato  3,4 kgAsiago DOP Pressato 3,4 kg
If you order 1 you get:
3,4 kg
Shelf life in months
Pieces per carton
Ageing in months
Cow milk
Packaging method
Fat in dry matter
44 %
Humidity percent
35-44 %
Cheese dough

Ingredients: milk, salt, rennet.

Asiago is the name of the upland area in the district of Vicenza. To guarantee the origin, every cheese round is given a number and the word Asiago is written on the surface several times as well as the registration number of the dairy farm that made it. The milk that is used comes exclusively from cows. In olden times things were different though. In fact, somewhere around the year 1,000, sheep were reared in these parts which produced milk and wool. It was only in the 1500s that cattle took the place of the sheep and they started to develop the typical cheese-making technique. The oldest Asiago is the “d'Allevo” type, which is left to mature, or better is “reared” over a long period of time. More recently, however, around 1920, came “Pressato” Asiago (pressato = pressed) which is left to mature only for a short while. They gave it this name because as soon as the rounds are made they are pressed using manual or hydraulic presses.
1 month matured


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