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QUATTRO PORTONI Buffalo ricotta - buffalo milk - EXP 8 days

Product code: 8021706044107
Manufacturer : Quattro portoni
QUATTRO PORTONI Ricotta di bufala - latte di bufala - TMC 9 giorni  230 gQUATTRO PORTONI Ricotta di bufala - latte di bufala - TMC 9 giorni 230 g
If you order 1 you get:
230 g
Shelf life in days
Pieces per carton
Buffalo milk
Cheese dough
Ricotta and Mascarpone

Ingredients: Buffalo milk whey, buffalo milk, salt.

The buffalo ricotta made by the Quattro Portoni dairy is a fresh dairy product made with pasteurized whole buffalo milk whey, ready for consumption. The cheese is pearly-white in color, while the consistency is firm, but soft, supple and moist. The scent? Unmistakable! Delicate and characteristic, as sweet as its flavor. Here you can buy a 230g pack of buffalo ricotta, to be consumed preferably within 8 days. Ricotta is one of the most used cheeses in the kitchen, perfectly suitable for both savory and sweet recipes. In addition to being very good to be savored on its own, or accompanied by cold cuts, honey and jams, ricotta is combined with an infinite number of other ingredients. Among the most traditional savory dishes of Italian cuisine made with this cheese, we find: pasta with ricotta, tuna and ricotta meatballs, ricotta and lemon ravioli, savory pies, ricotta and spinach cannelloni and paccheri stuffed with sausage, ricotta and mushrooms. Among the most popular sweet recipes, however, we have: cheesecake, ricotta and chocolate cake, mascarpone, ricotta and chocolate tart, castagnole, pastiera, ricotta and chocolate plumcake, sweet ravioli and many others!


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