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MARIO COSTA Creamy Gorgonzola "Gran Riserva" - cow's milk - EXP 17 days

Product code: 8021706014070
Manufacturer : Mario Costa
MARIO COSTA Gorgonzola cremoso \MARIO COSTA Gorgonzola cremoso \
If you order 1 you get:
1,68 kg
Shelf life in days
Pieces per carton
Cow milk
Cheese dough
Blue and moldy cheeses
Milk processing
Pasteurized milk

Ingredients: MILK, rennet (calf), salt.

The “Gran Riserva” creamy gorgonzola produced by Mario Costa is an exquisite soft cow's milk cheese, of Piedmontese origin and with a sweet and rounded taste. Here it is sold in the 1.68 kg format and must be consumed within 17 days. This raw and plain cheese, straw-white in color, is a blue cheese. What makes the product unique and unmistakable, in fact, is the presence of good molds inside the dough. The development of molds in the cheese paste is due precisely to the marbling, that is to the dairy processing technique with which the gorgonzola is made. Soft and with a delicate flavor, “Gran Riserva” gorgonzola is made with pasteurized whole cow's milk. The rind is rough, reddish-gray in color and is not edible. Being naturally lactose-free, it can also be consumed by those who are intolerant or allergic to it. Thanks to its versatile flavor, gorgonzola goes perfectly with the taste of walnuts, radicchio, mushrooms, speck, mascarpone, pears, salmon, artichokes and many other ingredients! It can also be used as a condiment for pasta or combined with various cured meats.


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