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PAGANONI Bresaola "La Scottona" 1,7 kg - EXP 11 weeks - aged 1 month

Product code: 8021706048068
Brand : Paganoni
Via Omobono Cenini, 19
23030 CHIURO (SO)
PAGANONI Bresola \PAGANONI Bresola \"La Scottona\" 1,7 kg - TMC 11 settimane - stagionata 1 mese
If you order 1 you get:
1,7 kg
Shelf life in weeks
Pieces per carton
Fragrant aromatic
Meat of
Packaging method
Ageing in months
Bresaola und Speck

Ingredients: Beef, Salt, Dextrose, Natural Flavors, Preservatives (E250 Sodium Nitrite, E251 Sodium Nitrate)

In 2018 Bresaola di Scottona was born: we use for the first time a "female" and in addition "she has never given birth". Calves that graze in hilly areas to guarantee a truly unparalleled softness and taste: slightly marbled, very tender, incredibly unique. The heifer is a refined meat and is distinguished by its succulent taste and particular softness. Its marbling, a distinctive feature appreciated by true connoisseurs, allows for a sweet product to be obtained even after a long seasoning. The drop shape, which the hanging piece of meat takes on without being pressed, emphasizes the beauty and rusticity of the product. What characterizes the production most is undoubtedly the craftsmanship. Despite having reached a significant company size, Paganoni srl retains the craftsmanship of the product, a direct consequence of the family character of the company. "Choose the best meat and spoil it as little as possible", this is the production philosophy, and it can be clearly found in their bresaola with a delicate flavor and without dominant flavors: all in perfect balance. The raw material (meat) is by far the most important part of the product. The meat is guaranteed to be "processed from fresh" (ie without ever having been frozen). The processing from fresh preserves the integrity of the muscle fibers and, consequently, gives a better flavor and better chewability, with the same seasoning.


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