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Cinta Senese ham

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Cinta Senese Ham is made from Cinta Senese pork, with reference to the the pink stripe (Cinta-belt) that runs along the pig’s chest. It is an ancient swine breed and the only Tuscan native to survive extinction thanks to the dedication of a few breeders. Hams can either be boned and cut on the slicer, or placed whole on a stand and cut manually with knife. This special Italian charcuterie is perfect to combine with a full bodied red wine. The meat is dry and lean but full of flavour. Slaughtered at three years old—“a relatively long maturation period; they’re not intensively reared”—the meat is then cured naturally and aged for anything between 12 months and two years. Produced in Tuscany. Gluten free and dairy free.


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