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Montasio DOP 1,5 kg - EXP 7 weeks – aged 2 months

Product code: 8021706019068
Montasio DOP - 1/4 - 1,5 kg - TMC 7 settimaneMontasio DOP - 1/4 - 1,5 kg - TMC 7 settimane
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1,5 kg
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Ingredients: milk, sea salt, calf rennet

Montasio PDO is a hard cooked Veneto cheese, made with raw thermised cow's milk, coming from the production area established by the Protection Consortium. Here it is available in the 1.5 kg format, stored under vacuum. It is aged for 2 months and must be consumed within 7 weeks. It has a soft and delicate taste, the paste is compact, straw yellow in color, with slight holes. The rind is smooth, regular and elastic, compact and light brown in color, inedible.Montasio is perfect to use as a condiment for pasta, rice and potato gnocchi. It can also be inserted in omelettes, lasagna and frico, which is a typical Friulian dish that can be eaten as a main course or as a single dish, usually accompanied by polenta.This product does not contain, is not made up of and does not derive from genetically modified ingredients (GMOs) pursuant to Reg. (CE) N. 1829/2003 and Reg. (CE) N. 1830/2003. Order Montasio DOP now: NATURALEITALIANO will undertake to deliver the cheese within 48 hours to all over the world.


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