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VIANI fresh sausages paste with chili - 500g - EXP 28 days - VP

Product code: 8021706642143
Manufacturer : Salumificio Viani
VIANI Impasto salsiccia fresca toscana al peperoncino - 500g - TMC 28 giorni - SV  500 gVIANI Impasto salsiccia fresca toscana al peperoncino - 500g - TMC 28 giorni - SV 500 g
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500 g
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Ingredients: Pork, salt, flavorings, chilli 0.4%, spices, acidity regulator: E262, antioxidant: E300, sucrose, preservative: E250.

The mixture of fresh tuscan sausage with chilli produced by Viani is made exclusively with pork. This variant of the classic tuscan sausage is embellished with the unique and unmistakable taste of chilli and is perfect for lovers of spicy flavors. Amongst other spices, you can perceive the aromas of garlic, and pepper as well as the strong note of chili. The product is to be consumed after careful cooking, and is made with minced meat from pigs of EU origin, whose traceability is guaranteed by the affixing of the batch on the label. The sausage with chilli is deep red in color, has a strong spicy flavor and does not contain allergenic ingredients. The product must be consumed within 28 days of opening the package (as it is sold vacuum-packed). Buy 500 g of tuscan sausage mixture with chili now: we at NATURALEITALIANO are committed to delivering the product within a maximum of 48 hours, in all countries of the world. It can be enjoyed simply accompanied by a slice of toasted bread, or transformed into a delicious sauce to season fettuccine. The spicy tuscan sausage also goes perfectly with baked potatoes, stuffed peppers, potato gattò, mushrooms, turnip greens, broccoli and meatballs with sauce. The sausage will give its best if cooked on the grill, however it can also be cooked in other ways.


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