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GRAZIOLI Fresh white Truffle, Tuber Magnatum Pico - Piedmont/Italy, first choice, harvest time September - January

Product code: 8021706987022
Via F.Arese, 11
20159 MILANO (MI)
P.IVA: IT10944110153
If you order 1 you get:
50 gr
Shelf life in days
Pieces per carton
Fragrant aromatic

Fresh white truffles from Alba (Piedmont) are shipped exclusively by express shipping with MAIL BOXES ETC. Delivery after 24h.

Due to the delicate nature of the product, shipments will take place exclusively from Monday to Wednesday in order to guarantee the highest quality. We avoid that the truffles remain in stock in the courier's warehouses during the weekend.

Being a fresh product, we recommend consuming it as soon as possible. Recommended 10/15 g per person.

The storage time must be short. However, if the truffle cannot be eaten immediately, it is advisable to wrap it in paper towel and place it in the refrigerator in a sealed glass jar. The paper must be changed daily.

GRAZIOLI Tartufi has specialized in the trade of fresh truffles for over 80 years. Through the countless collaborations with foreign restaurants, it has been able to gain considerable experience in the export of truffles all over the world.

"Tuber Magnatum Pico is the most valuable type of truffle both from a gastronomic and economic point of view. In fact, it is more valuable than diamonds due to the extremely high prices it can achieve. Surely the most famous white truffle is the white truffle of Alba with its aromatic fragrance that surpasses any other truffle. It takes at least ten years for a truffle to bear fruit. The harvest season of the white truffle takes place from mid -September to the end of January. The main truffle-growing areas in Piedmont are the Langhe, Monferrato, Roero. The best way to cook with truffles is as simply as possible. Like, don't cook with them at all. The cleaning of the product, to be carried out only a few minutes before use, must be done under cold water, using a brush for a more thorough cleaning. It should be served raw and shaved into thin slices on both hot and cold meals. It goes very well with scrambled eggs, risotto or pasta, but also with cheeses, raw meat and with a porcini mushroom salad."

As these are fresh goods, they cannot be returned or exchanged. We guarantee the delivery of fresh first choice Tuber Magnatum Pico. We thank you for your understanding.


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