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"The Bright Side Of The Food": stories, legends and facts about Italian food to talk about with your customers

The Bright Side Of The Food stories legends facts about Italian food

Each product has its own story. Knowing how to tell customers about it can turn their experience into something unique. "The Bright side of the food" was born to make known the secrets and origins of Italian culinary traditions.

In over 25 years of experience in the food export sector, our founder Michele Mottura has collected dozens of stories about products and production methods. During his meetings with the producers, he always had the opportunity to discover things that he would never have imagined. Many of the stories heard are handed down from generation to generation: some have turned out to be mere legends, others instead of actual hints of history.

At Naturale Italiano, we have always been convinced that exporting Italian products is not just an act of sale, but a real spread of our culture worldwide. Sharing with you everything we have learned over time allows us to pursue our mission.

Get ready to read short stories, anecdotes, curiosities and legends about Made in Italy food to better discover the world hidden behind an Italian product. They will be articles of a few lines. You can read them in less than five minutes and tell your customers during a little chat. Those will make you a true connoisseur, a true lover of Italian food.

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