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PONTE REALE Mozzarella of Buffalomilk PDO Campana dell'entroterra Casertano 25 x 20 g = 500 g

Product code: 8021706001063
Manufacturer : Ponte Reale
MANTEGAZZA - Bra tenero DOP - forma intera - 6 kg - TMC 7 settimaneMANTEGAZZA - Bra tenero DOP - forma intera - 6 kg - TMC 7 settimane
If you order 1 you get:
25 x 20 g = 500 g
Shelf life in weeks
Pieces per carton
Cheese dough
Humidity percent
61 %
Fat in dry matter
52 %
Buffalo milk
Packaging method
Plastic cup
Mozzarella and Burrata
Milk processing
Pasteurized milk

In the Caserta Inland, a highly attractive land, the Mozzarella di Bufala is appreciated for its strong, round taste, satisfying gluttony, sight and smell. Its surface is smooth and bright, without rind, and its structure is made of superposed sheets so that when cutting it the slight pressure lets out part of the fresh milk contained.


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