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SABATINO TARTUFI Black truffle honey - 40 g – EXP 1 year

Product code: 8021706018023
Manufacturer : Sabatino Tartufi
SABATINO TARTUFI Miele al tartufo nero - 40 g – TMC 1 annoSABATINO TARTUFI Miele al tartufo nero - 40 g – TMC 1 anno
If you order 1 you get:
40 g
Shelf life in years
Pieces per carton
Fragrant aromatic
Packaging method
Glass jar

Ingredients: Honey, black summer truffle (tuber eastivum vitt) 3%, aroma.

The delicate flavor and soft texture of honey blend with the unique and unmistakable aroma of black truffles, creating an unexpected, yet harmonious and perfect marriage. A riot of flavors that will conquer even the most difficult palates. What are we talking about? Of Black Truffle Honey produced by Sabatino Tartufi. Here it is sold in the 40g format in a glass jar, must be stored at room temperature and consumed within 12 months. Once the jar has been opened, it must continue to be stored at room temperature, with the lid closed. Furthermore, it is important to keep the product away from sources of light and heat. The consistency is dense, the color is yellow, the smell and taste are those typical of honey, enhanced by the unique aroma of black truffles. This ingredient is becoming more and more popular in recipes, both sweet and savory. The variant with truffles, of course, is more suitable for savory recipes and can be used for example to marinate meat or fish, to create tasty sauces or to accompany cheeses. A recipe to try: bread, ricotta and honey! Order the Black Truffle Honey made by Sabatino Tartufi now: NATURALEITALIANO will undertake to deliver the product within 48 hours to all over the world.


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