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Where to find staff for your restaurant in Germany. The best sites for recruiting staff in the catering sector.

Where to find staff for your restaurant in Germany

After months of uncertainty and doubt, the time has finally come to restart and plan the summer season,that is just around the corner.


In this period of the year the demand for staff to be employed in the catering and hospitality sector is very high, it is not always easy to find the right people to be included in your business.At a European but also global level, it seems that the pandemic has highlighted the criticalities of a job that previously required so many sacrifices, often not paid off in the right way.It is much more complicated to find people willing to adapt to work rhythms considered excessive and with the reopening of these months the time has come to face this reality. Waiters and all those who perform tasks in the catering sector no longer accept the old working conditions and it is more complicated than expected for restaurateurs to add new staff to their business.One of the most popular methods for overcoming this shortage and finding staff is certainly the use of digital tools, which allow you to publish online ads and get in direct contact with qualified and unqualified employees, depending on the needs of the recruiter and the reference period.

4 tips for finding staff for your restaurant

Although the ideal time to plan for the summer season is spring, this year many activities had to be postponed to allow restaurateurs to organize themselves for the peak periods. Here are four tips that can help you in your search for qualified staff for your restaurant, to face the reopening in the best possible way.

  • Make a good impression: attract the attention of those working in the sector, present your restaurant and above all yourself in the best possible light, as you will be the next employer of your new staff. Manage the applications as you would like your restaurant to be managed, because the first impression makes the difference and the way you treat applicants is also reflected in the employees you hire.
  • Offer attractive benefits: by including incentives and benefits for your future employees in your job offer, you will attract more professionals and put yourself in a position to choose from the best who show interest in your restaurant. You will also increase the chances of retaining your employees, creating long-term relationships
  • Act directly: contact the people you think are right for your business, use your network of relationships to get to know new talented employees to join your restaurant; a good waiter or assistant chef can really make a difference.
  • Use the right tools: rely on new technologies that allow you to identify and select the best talent, saving time and costs. There are thousands of dedicated websites and platforms



Which are the best sites for finding staff for your restaurant in Germany?

There are many platforms that have been created to help you find employees for your business and it is often very difficult to choose the most reliable one. To help restaurateurs, there is a list of the best sites specialized in this field, which is made by the portals Rating-Agentur and Jobboersencheck.de and highlights which are the best sites, according to users who use them. Searching for a good waiter is an activity that requires a lot of attention and perseverance. He is the professional figure who has the most contact with customers, he will take care of the tables and the various requests. It is therefore very important for the restaurateur to be able to select people who meet certain requirements. Let's see now which are the best sites to find staff in Germany.

Sites for finding students and young people to work part-time in your restaurant (Nebenjobs)

Especially during peak season, it is essential to have the support of young students who can contribute to the smooth running of your restaurant, even on a part-time basis; while they learn a trade, you train new professionals to meet your needs. Here are the best sites to offer work in your restaurant to young students in Germany:


StudentJob is part of YoungCapital, the specialist for young talent in the personnel services sector. Thanks to an extensive online network, StudentJob is in contact with more than 6.5 million young talents across Europe and offers employers the opportunity to meet potential new employees looking for both part-time and full-time jobs.


The Studierendenwerk Thüringen is responsible for the economic, social and cultural promotion of approximately 50,000 students in Thueringen studying at eight different university sites.


A site entirely dedicated to job opportunities for young students, with the possibility of filtering by location and sector.


best websites search restaurant staff in Germany


Looking for staff for my restaurant: the best sites in Germany

If you are looking for qualified and experienced staff to join your restaurant, then you can rely on more general sites, where you will find profiles of all kinds. Below are the biggest and best-known digital platforms for finding employees in Germany:


On Jobstairs.de you can find advertisements covering various sectors, from marketing to IT, but you can also find more traditional fields such as catering and the hotel industry.


Perhaps the best known of the generalist sites, Stepstone.de, in addition to the traditional search by employers, allows workers to present themselves directly to companies, and in this case to restaurateurs, who can thus get to know professionals who apply spontaneously.


The Jobware.de portal has numerous job offers in a wide range of sectors.


The stepstone.de section is entirely dedicated to the search for employees in the catering and gastronomy sector.


In contrast to conventional job portals, Adzuna is a search engine that allows users to access and publish hundreds of thousands of job offers from a variety of sources rather than a single query.


Kimeta.de is a job search engine that currently has over 2,502,402 vacancies, which lead directly to the company's website.


In Germany, CareerBuilder has combined the brands JobScout24, Jobs.de and CareerBuilder since October 2011 and, like the former JobScout24 GmbH, has many years of experience in the German market. The core business in Germany focuses on Jobs.de, the online job exchange of CareerBuilder Germany GmbH, and Broadbean, the centrally controlled professional advertising distribution solution.


With 250 million unique visitors worldwide per month, Indeed is the world's leading job search site.


On Monster, you can find and post a wide variety of job offers. This world-famous site also offers useful advice to employers who want to post the perfect vacancy.

These are the most popular and widely used sites for finding staff for your restaurant in Germany; if you are looking for new employees, you just have to find out which platform you are best suited to and get started.


Other smaller and more specific sites to rely on when looking for staff in Germany

After the larger sites dedicated to personnel research, let us look at other smaller sites that can be very useful, especially for finding people locally or in specific sectors. Some of the most used are:

  • www.locanto.de/Stellenangebote/
  • www.stellenanzeigen.de
  • www.unicum.de
  • www.absolventa.de
  • www.stellenboersen.de
  • www.jobmailing.de
  • www.thaff-thueringen.de
  • www.job-consult.com
  • www.jobpilot.de
  • de.jobted.com
  • www.jobmixer.com/de
  • www.stellen-online.de
  • www.stellenmarkt.de
  • www.jobboerse.arbeitsagentur.de
  • www.stellenmarkt.de
  • www.stellenblatt.de
  • www.jobprofile.de
  • www.spirofrog.de
  • www.jobs.renego.de
  • www.job24.de
  • www.careerjet.de
  • www.online-stellenmarkt.net
  • www.joballee.de
  • www.zig-jobs.de
  • www.careerbuilder.de
  • www.akademiker-online.de
  • www.yourfirm.de
  • www.jobanzeigen.de
  • jobsuma.de
  • www.talentfrogs.de/

So, after this long list of platforms, you just have to choose; finding a collaborator for your restaurant has never been easier and faster. But let's also take a look at another tool that is very popular among employers, not only in Germany.

How to search for staff on Linkedin

Linkedin is undoubtedly the most used social channel to search for specialised and specific professional figures, also in the restaurant sector. But how can you actually find staff for your restaurant on Linkedin? First of all, we have to talk about Linkedin for Business, the platform entirely dedicated to companies that want to search for personnel or promote themselves to professionals in the sector. There are 4 advantages to using this tool

  • You have the possibility of selecting candidates that you think are interesting for your company, directly by searching on the platform;
  • You can create company pages that allow you to promote your restaurant and gain visibility in the sector;
  • Establish new direct relationships with potential customers and collaborators;
  • Present your company directly to specialists in the sector, attracting the best.

On Linkedin you have the possibility to create a standard advertisement with title and job description, but there are also interesting tools that you can use to refine your search. One of these is the Recruiter Lite, which allows you to select employees by entering up to 15 filters, so that you can only meet people who meet your requirements to work in your restaurant. In addition, you can contact the best talents you find directly, with up to 30 monthly InMails available. Depending on your needs, you can also use more extensive packages that offer more filters and mails to send, such as the Recruiter and Referrals tools. With the Recruiter and Referrals tools you can, for example, select contacts directly from the network of your employees, who are assumed to be in line with the jobs you are looking for. If you have a good waiter who has Linkedin, you can use this tool to view his contacts and discover new talent from his connections and get in touch with them personally.

By using Linkedin, you are on a platform with over 414 million registered users, professionals from the world of work and catering who are looking for a new experience and who may be right for you. To make sure your restaurant is well seen by potential valuable candidates, make sure you create an impressive Career Page so you don't let any talented employees slip through your fingers. A good cover page, many times, can make all the difference.

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