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Raschera DOP 6 kg – EXP 7 weeks – aged 1 month

Product code: 8021706059071
Raschera DOP - forma intera - 6 kg - TMC 7 settimaneRaschera DOP - forma intera - 6 kg - TMC 7 settimane
If you order 1 you get:
6 kg
Shelf life in weeks
Pieces per carton
Cow milk
Ageing in months
Cheese dough
Milk processing
Raw milk
Other cheeses
Fat in dry matter

Ingredients: raw cow's milk, salt, rennet

Raschera DOP is a semi-hard table cheese, made with raw cow's milk from Piedmont. This delicious cheese is widely used in cooking to create tasty recipes. Its flavor goes perfectly with many other delicacies of Italian cuisine, such as: asparagus, saffron, Barolo, zucchini and gnocchi. It can be used to flavor pasta, ravioli, gnocchi, risotto and much more.It is aged for 30 days, it has a white or ivory white color and a rather consistent, elastic paste with small, scattered and irregular holes. Sometimes, then, there is a slight browning near the rind: this is not a defect, but the demonstration of the fact that it is a cheese produced without additives and preservatives. The rind is thin, gray and reddish in color, sometimes with yellowish reflections. It is elastic, smooth and regular, inedible. The taste of Raschera DOP is fine and delicate, typically fragrant, moderately spicy and, if seasoned, savory.Order the Raschera DOP now: NATURALEITALIANO will undertake to deliver the cheese within 48 hours to all over the world.


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