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How to optimise your restaurant's TripAdvisor profile and get more customers.

Come ottimizzare il profilo TripAdvisor del tuo ristorante

It's almost impossible not to know, Tripadvisor is the world's largest travel platform, helping 463 million travellers every month make every trip their best trip.  People around the world use the Tripadvisor website and app to browse over 859 million reviews and opinions on 8.6 million accommodations, restaurants, experiences, airlines and cruises.


When planning a trip or during the trip itself, travellers visit Tripadvisor to compare affordable hotel, flight and cruise fares, book popular attractions and tours, and reserve a table at great restaurants. It is available in 49 markets and 28 languages.

By using the platform, you will be able to interact with millions of potential customers: it is important to optimise your restaurant profile to make your business even more attractive. Let's find out how.

How to improve your restaurant's ranking on TripAdvisor


Wie können Sie Ihre TripAdvisor Position verbessern


There are some rules and settings that provide you with an effective and engaging profile page that will attract the attention of users and increase the visibility of your restaurant. Let's see which are the most important:

1) Always check and modify the details of the facility:

It is important that all the data and information you enter about your business is correct. There is no second time to make a good first impression! In order to make changes to the data, you must register on the site as an owner. Registration is quick and free. These are the most details to pay attention to:

    • Restaurant name
    • Address
    • Telephone number
    • Website and email links
    • Opening and closing times and days
    • Types of cuisine on offer
    • Meals on offer
    • Price range
    • Available services

All this information is a showcase for your restaurant and helps customers get a better idea of what the restaurant is about and what it offers.


2) Upload photos:

look is important too. According to a recent study offered by TripAdvisor itself, restaurants with 11-20 photos get twice as many customer interactions as those without photos. So the more photos you have on your profile, the better. 

As an owner, you have the ability to upload an unlimited number of photos of the restaurant. Don't post everything that comes your way but make sure you only share images that are worthy of your dishes and make your mouth water. Capturing the atmosphere in your restaurant also helps people to imagine the atmosphere and the feeling they get when they pass through your restaurant.

One tip is to change the main image often, so that your profile is always up to date and continues to attract different visitors.


3) Add the profile on the map:

 maps help visitors to find the location of the restaurant within the area they are visiting. If the profile is not on the map or if the establishment appears in the wrong location, you risk losing a potential customer. Very often, people go to eat in places that are close to their current location, without undertaking long journeys, except in special cases. Pay close attention to the location of your restaurant and make sure that it is visible to everyone and in the right place.

Also add the main entrance and always let people know if parking is possible near your restaurant. For any changes, the platform takes 24 hours to change the information, so don't worry and be patient for a day.


4) Add your menu:

 the link to the restaurant's menu allows you to easily show the dishes available to potential guests. Very few people like to go out and spend their money in the dark without knowing what they're getting into. Especially if you are proud of the dishes you offer, highlight the menu: customers will immediately understand if they are going to the right place.

In addition to the main platform, you can also take advantage of TripAdvisor's partnership with SinglePlatform or Yext. In this case, our advice is to go directly to the dedicated page of their site, where you will discover all the information you need to follow this second path correctly.


5) Add a booking button:

you can allow your customers to book directly from your TripAdvisor profile, using TheFork portal. It is necessary to sign up, but it is a very important tool to speed up the booking process and make it even easier.


6) Allow users to order delivery from home:

if you offer your customers who visit your restaurant profile the possibility of receiving delivery wherever they are, you really increase your sales. In addition to seating, you can use takeaway to fill any empty tables or give your business an extra boost.

Register with platforms such as Deliveroo to add an "Order Online" button to your profile and allow people to quickly and easily order your food from home. One tip is to always consider quality, so don't be too stingy and assess which products are best for deliveries and which are less so - a bad dish at home equals a bad review everywhere else.


7) Encourage customers to leave reviews:

especially if you've had a chance to chat and you know they're enthusiastic about your restaurant. You can't risk missing out on that kind of publicity! More reviews means more opportunities to receive high scores that will help you climb the Tripadvisor rankings. In addition, potential customers interested in eating at your restaurant rely heavily on the reviews of others and are often the deciding factor in their final choice.


8) Promote your Tripadvisor profile:

Although it's an online platform and it's important to take care of every aspect of presentation, always remember that your physical restaurant is the first postcard to your customers. Let passers-by know that you have a profile on TripAdvisor, you can request a special sticker to stick on the front door, so that people with final doubts can read the reviews on the spot and make their final decision.... As long as the comments are positive!

If you participate in competitions or win certificates of excellence, ask for special stickers, they will be great publicity for your restaurant, especially in the eyes of those who don't know you yet.


9) Add a widget on your venue's website:

A great way to promote your profile is to add a Tripadvisor widget on your venue's website. Widgets allow you to display the reviews you've received and encourage guests to post new ones. 

To find out how to set this up and get the most out of the tools they provide for your business, go to the "Widgets" section of TripAdvisor's website and you'll find all the information you need.


10) Respond to Reviews:

A recent TripAdvisor survey found that up to 94% of respondents read at least one management response to a review, either positive or negative.

Responding to reviews regularly will make a difference to potential customers. Demonstrate that you are interested in improving the service you offer and in case of criticism, tell your side of the story so that people can evaluate with a 360° view.


11) Attract traffic to your profile with Tripadvisor Ads:

within the platform it is possible to create exclusive sponsored ads, which attract traffic to your restaurant profile and target a specific audience of customers looking for a place to eat in your area. 

Creating a campaign is very simple, if you are interested please go to www.tripadvisor.it/Restaurant_Ads to find out all the relevant information and start sponsoring your restaurant on TripAdvisor.


12) Upgrade to TripAdvisor Premium:

As with all of the world's most popular online platforms, TripAdvisor offers a Premium version with exclusive features and tools to help you reach more customers.


How to Increase Bookings on TripAdvisor


Comment améliorer votre position sur TripAdvisor


After anticipating that there is the possibility of using a Premium version of the platform, let's go into detail and find out what tools are dedicated to those who choose to join. The main and most used are:

  1. Storyboard: includes the possibility of inserting a captivating video showing exactly what your restaurant offers. Videos are increasingly winning people over online, to the detriment of images.
  1. 3 good reasons to eat here: you can select your favourite customer reviews and add them to the main page to convince other people to choose your restaurant
  1. Favourite review: choose the comment that best represents your restaurant and put it at the top of your profile, so that it is immediately seen by potential customers

For all the other tools provided by the Premium version, we recommend that you go to the dedicated page on their website to learn more about them. Of course, the more functions you have at your disposal, the greater the chances of interacting with new customers, but the real difference will always be the quality of your dishes and the atmosphere in your establishment. 

There are other tips that can help you improve your TripAdvisor ranking and increase bookings for your restaurant. As you can imagine, more positive reviews will increase the visibility of your restaurant and improve your brand reputation, and the number of reviews also matters, so the more comments you get, the more people will perceive your restaurant as a place to try. 

Like any self-respecting online platform, TripAdvisor also rewards the most recent reviews, as they reflect the current state of your restaurant, so by improving the service you offer you can also improve the reputation of your business and climb the rankings of restaurants in the area. Even older negative comments lose their value when replaced by 5-star reviews. 

We know that your job is incredibly demanding and requires a lot of concentration and time, but in order to create a truly effective TripAdvisor profile, you need to pay attention to it. For this reason, if it is not possible to entrust the management internally, our advice is to find a valid dedicated agency, able to follow the profile at 360° and bring real added value to your restaurant.

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