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San Daniele ham PDO "pressato" 8,4 kg

Product code: 8021706460013
Manufacturer : San Dan Prosciutti
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8,4 kg
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Emilia Romagna
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Prosciutto di San Daniele ham, easy to recognise by its characteristic long foot, is left to mature in natural conditions for at least 13 months up in the green hills that separate the Friulian plains from the range of Carnic Alps. A completely natural product: only Italian pork is used (pigs born and reared in Italy) and sea salt. The European Union acknowledged it as a DOP product not only because of the micro-climate in San Daniele, but also for the fact that the technique and the experience of the people who make it are unique and unrepeatable. If the slices are shorter but higher than normal, then its boned “Granfetta”. For the shopkeeper it means there is less waste and it is easier to cut when using smaller slicing machines. For the final consumer, though, it’s extremely easy on the eye… The automatic pressing of the hams is done to give the product shape, compactness and evenness before it is put through a massaging process that helps to get rid of any trapped air.


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